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Since 1941, our business at Verbrugge : the protection of metals by metallic coatings

Electroless nickel plating

On your mechanical parts (steel, aluminium, cast-iron, cupreous, stainless steel), this coating will be the only one able to protect simultaneously against wear and corrosionVerbrugge uses a 100% chemical process, this coating is uniform inside as well as outside of the part, whatever its shape.

Our heat treatments (for a ‘degassed’, ‘hardened’ or ‘diffused’ chemical nickel-plating) and selective brush treatment (locally build-up, in the factory or on your site) complete our offer of surface treatments.


Hard chrome plating and grinding

Often imitated, never equalled, hard chrome is still going on! It gives your mechanical parts (steel, stainless steel, cast-iron, cupreous) a wear resistance and an exceptional hardness (friction, abrasion, adherence) for a moderate cost. Grinding allows to “calibrate” the part, even in high thickness chrome-plated.

Verbrugge, historically one of the first hard chrome-plating companies of France, can realise these two services for you.

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Electroless nickel plating

To ensure reliability of all mechanical components,
it’s essential to provide them a protection against corrosion.

Verbrugge guarantees traceability and safety


Hard chrome plating

Confers to your mechanical parts (steel, stainless steel, cast-iron, cupreous) a wear resistance and an exceptional hardness (friction, abrasion, adhesion) for a moderate cost.


We are able to adapt to the most demanding specifications.
Therefore, we are integrated into the quality repository of many customers.

Coatings thickness control using X-ray fluorescence