Nickel-Chrome 3Thousand !


Hard chromium plating

Nickelage chimique

Chemical nickel plating





Traitement au tampon sélectif

Selective treatments pad

Traitements thermiques

Thermal treatments



Chemical nickel plating, hard chrome plating and grinding

Since 1941 Verbrugge has been protecting and embellishing metals using metal coating

Hard chrome plating and grinding

Often imitated, never equaled, hard chrome plating is back! It gives your mechanical parts (steel, stainless steel, cast metals, copper) wear resistance and exceptional hardness (friction, abrasion, adhesion) for a moderate cost. Grinding ‘calibrates’ even thick chrome-plated parts.

Electroless nickel plating (previously Kanigen)

On your mechanical parts (steels, aluminum, cast metals, copper, stainless steel), this coating will be the only one able to simultaneously protect against wear and corrosion. A 100% chemical process, it provides a uniform coating both inside and outside parts, whatever their shape.

Our heat treatments (tempering, annealing, stress relief) and our selective pad treatments (hard facing, locally, on the shop floor or on your site) complete our range of surface treatments.

To better meet your specifications, our company is ISO TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified.