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Brush plating

Building up with a brush or brush plating makes it possible to carry out deposits outside the tank. A local electrolysis is reconstituted. The brush soaked with electrolyte forms the anode, the part the cathode.

Building up with selective brush can be made on raw materials (steel, cast iron, cupreous, stainless steel) or coated (nickel, chrome plated…).

Brush plating is used in the following cases:

A localized coating: The brush electrolysis process avoids immersion in the bath and the saving of untreated areas.

A localized defect: Brush resealing prevents machining and a complete build-up.

Non-dismountable or non-transportable parts: Brush plating can then be carried out on customer’s site (new coating or repair).

Too large part to be immersed in a chemical treatment tank.

The chemical treatment of nickel is locally damaged: build-up with a brush avoids the renewal of the process (nickel removing and again nickel-plating).

The brush electrolysis will generally be formed from an alloy of nickel copper or cobalt according to the desired properties (wear, corrosion, solderability…)