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Hard chrome plating

Unrivaled "friction - hardness" couple

Industrial hard chrome plating

Industrial hard chrome plating protects all your mechanical parts from frictional wear, whether new or refurbished parts.

Old and proven process but never equalled, hard chrome disposes of an unmatched “couple fractioning-hardness, the guarantee of an excellent wear resistance by friction, by adhesion, by abrasion.

Its price- quality ratio is excellent.

Our line is composed of 1 chrome plating cell. It is fully computerized and therefore capable of controlling and recording all the key parameters of the surface treatment of your parts, guarantee of quality and reliability.

We have the capacity of chrome plating up to : 1000 x d. 800, 1.5 tons.


Hard chrome technical sheet

Verbrugge, a company specialising in industrial chrome plating since 1941, guarantees the excellence of the process.

Performing a surface treatment by hard chrome plating lets you choose the thickness of the deposit, the material of your part, its hardness on the surface, its final roughness…

This electrolytic treatment allows to reduce considerably the friction coefficient. Thus, for example, it will be reduced by 50% by chroming one of the two steel parts rubbing on themselves.

Discover all the features of industrial hard chrome plating through our technical sheet.

Regroups all the characteristics of hexavalent hard chrome of the company VERBRUGGE

Cylindrical grinding

Grinding is often the only way to obtain dimensioning and geometry on your mechanical parts “in a few microns”.

We have a fleet of  machines (traditional and digital) that can adapt to all your parts: small or large, single or in series, of various shapes…

Our special grinding wheels will be able to cut the hardest constitution materials or coatings of your parts.

In particular, we may proceed, after an eventual chrome plating of your products, to a rectification recovery for an accurate adjustment to your needs.

Our grinding capacities are: maximum diameter 350 mm, maximum length between tips 1000 mm

Achievement gallery for chrome plated

Here is a visual of parts treated with chrome plating. Don’t hesitate to click on the photos to learn more about the treatment carried out on each of the parts. So, you will discover many applications of chrome plating.