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Trivalent hard chromium

The use of hexavalent chromium will not longer be allowed in Europe after September 2024.

Trivalent chromium seems to be the substitute for hexavalent chromium, we need to get involved!

Verbrugge was the first French manufacturer to install a trivalent chrome “industrial pilot” in April 2019.

The objective is to integrate, in our future automatic line already in production, the trivalent chromium “in series”. The start of this ultra-modern, flexible and multiproduct line (chemical nickel, hard anodic oxidation –HAO– and trivalent hard chromium) is scheduled for September 2021.

The use of hexavalent chromium prohibited after 2024 ?

REACH is a regulation of the European Union to protect health and the environment against risks related to chemicals.

Some substances are therefore subject to authorisation, including hexavalent chromium (or Chrome 6 or chromium trioxide) which is used for hard chrome plating.

However, after reduction by electrolysis of chromium metal on the part to be coated, it is absolutely not longer toxic and even certified “food”.

The company Verbrugge has field, via the consortium CTAC, an authorisation file which allows it, since September 2017, to continue to use this substance until September 2024.

We must therefore continue and amplify the search for alternative solutions…

Our company is a member of the project CRONOS 2024 (ChROme hard New generatiOn Solutions by 2024) in partnership with the IRT M2P (Institute for Technological Research Materials, Metallurgy and Processes).

Thus, with the help of the IRT and the chemical formulator Coventya, Verbrugge, as manufacturer, installed in its factories the first industrial pilot of trivalent hard chrome plating.

Trivalent chromium seems to be a substitute for hexavalent chromium, Verbrugge gets involved!